Diet Tips for Weight Loss – Top Benefits Of Kettlebell Workouts For Women

Kettlebell workout helps in improving your fitness routine. Your body will be able to build endurance, stamina, strength and flexibility through the exercise. However, by looking on its shape and material, some people get overwhelmed of the equipment.

kettlebell workouts – women
Kettlebell workouts for women

Before discussing the benefits of kettlebell workouts for women, here is an overview of the equipment.

What is kettlebell?

A kettlebell is made from cast iron which is in a form of cannonball but with a handle attached on its top. The weights for the kettlebell range from 9 to 105 pounds. Most women can handle between 18 to 26 pounds. However, older women are more comfortable with a13-pound bell. The kettlebell is a bit challenging equipment than dumbbells. The weight of the kettlebell focused on the center and not distributed evenly which is the feature of a dumbbell.

Celebrity Body

Kettlebells do not make you look like a bodybuilder. It gives you a better shape like the celebrities who used it. So you will not be afraid about it, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Biel, Kim Basinger and Jennifer Aniston’s body should be your basis. These celebrities do kettlebell workouts for women.

Functional Workout

If you find that the bag you bring for work is too heavy, the kettlebell workouts for women can make it lighter. Because it does not work like dumbbell, your muscles are trained to focus on one weight as you swing it. If you are successful in completing the workouts, you will start to feel that a heavy grocery bag or a gallon of milk becomes an easier task.

Time Saver

If you want to increase your heart rate easily, you can use the kettlebell in exchange to your regular running routine. Although running has many benefits in improving your cardio fitness, the kettlebell has the ability to give you the same effect as running but in lesser time. If you plan to finish 10 minutes of workout because of your busy schedule, swing the kettlebell for 200 swings and that is fine for the day.

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