Diet Plans – Top 10 Foods To Ensure Healthy Weight Loss

  Top 10 Foods To Ensure Healthy Weight LossAccording to many cardiologists there are a lot of foods lead to healthy weight loss and help heart patients reduce weight and cholesterol. These foods have shown drastic results in healthy weight loss. It has been since many centuries that people have been eating foods in order for healthy weight loss and as an alternative to strenuous exercise. Being skinny is not the motive but being fit and healthy weight loss is the motive. Some of the Weight loss secrets reflect one’s food selection.

Diet plan through food for healthy weight loss:

Low calorie food – Salads:

The top most of weight loss secrets is the combination of fruit and vegetables that contain the least amount of calories. A healthy salad of tomatoes, lettuce, capsicums, cucumber, cabbage, beetroot, and carrot mixed together with coriander and mint chutney is the way of healthy weight loss while in tune with weight loss secrets.


100gm of grapes provide seventy calories only. This high sugar food is best if not over eaten. Chilled grapes are best for healthy weight loss according to weight loss secrets.

Vitamin Rich fruits like oranges:

Oranges have 48 calories, 100ml of vitamin C rich juice and the fiber. One of the prime weight loss secrets is to eat fiber rich diet.

Potatoes –rich source of carbohydrates:

Potatoes; contain only 97 calories, are not fattening. Baked potatoes mashed fatty substance like butter mixed with a little lemon juice is a very healthy food according to weight loss secrets.


Fiber rich cereal foods have relatively few calories and are perfect for healthy weight loss. The weight loss secrets have the healthy breakfast very common. Corn flakes, oats or wheat porridge, and corn on cob cause healthy weight loss.


Sprouted pulses gain vitamins and fiber. When they are eaten raw they show drastic results in slimming. This is the most secret of the weight loss secrets. The 50gm serving contains only 140 calories.

Yogurt & curd:

Skimmed cow milk curd contains only 56 calories and is a good source of protein, calcium and vitamin. Mixed fruit curd is a delicious way of healthy weight loss.


Water has no calories, so it the healthiest drink. Other low calorie waters are coconut milk.

Air popped Popcorn:

Pop corn made without butter, oil or salt. Four cups of air popcorn contains only 100 calories and one gram of fat.

Chocolate bars:

An occasional 20gm chocolate bar, the size of a small 5 star is good for the sweet tooth. It is less risky than cakes, ice creams and puddings.

Healthy Weight Loss Plan is not difficult.

This healthy diet plan is no more a secret. Its all over the internet so finding real weight loss secrets, only help. The best way to lose weight is through healthy weight loss and these above are the best weight loss secrets.

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