Diet Tips – The Relation of Hormone and Weight Loss Secrets

Weight Loss Secrets reveal…

  The Relation of Hormone and Weight Loss SecretsThe Weight loss secrets have it that there is a hormone that sustains out fatness. This is not a myth it’s true. Body defense mechanisms get active when you try to starve for not so healthy weight loss.

Weight loss secrets say that going on a diet helps in healthy weight loss only to some extent. After a while the body weight comes to a static level and doesn’t fall any further and does not allow healthy weight loss to take place, not even according to weight loss secrets. This is called set point.

Adipostat supports Healthy Weight loss:

Adipostat is the phenomenon occurring in the hypothalamus of the brain that regulates body weight. Weight loss secrets state that the brain tries to achieve the set point by regulating our expenditure and storage of energy.

The diet plan does not work here. Adipostat activates the feeling of hunger to increase the body calorie level or slows down body’s metabolism which goes against healthy weight loss and causes weight gain. This is not where the story ends. Weight loss secrets play their part here now. You can change your body fat levels through the type and amount of foods and physical exercise as long as they are part of weight loss secrets.

Leptin hormone triggers Healthy Weight loss as suggested by weight loss secrets:

Leptin is the hormone that falls when the fasting or excessive exercise is done for the Healthy Weight loss. The fat cells secret a hormone named leptin that affects energy expenditure and food intake through neuro-endocrine pathways. Here come the Weight loss secrets that help reduce the set point. Exercises can do lower set point causing Healthy Weight loss.

Rising levels of leptin suppress appetite and vice versa. Overweight people have higher level of leptin and its falls when they achieve healthy weight loss. The falling leptin sends a message to the brain that body is undergoing starvation. This sets off a reaction that decreases body metabolism thereby burning less fat than breaks down the muscle mass and starts storing body fat. As a result the appetite increases. This mechanism restricts the Healthy Weight loss for the time being to stabilize the body.

Weight loss secrets reveal some factors that affect leptin levels:

Leptin responds to the calorie intake, when the calorie intake is restricted the leptin level falls and lowers set point. Leptin levels are influenced by insulin; a hormone secreted by the pancreas. When the insulin falls for e.g. by taking a low carbohydrate diet, the leptin levels fall. If you cut calories uncompromisingly to lose weight and you reduce carbohydrates intake, it becomes difficult to lose fat which means the body is going against you. This also does not fall in accordance to weight loss secrets.

You can have cheat meals in healthy weight loss secrets plan.

The weight loss secrets demands that once in a week you can have a cheat day to eat anything you want to help your body go against your will of healthy weight loss. This cheat day elevates leptin thus metabolism. This keeps hunger at bay for longer time. Weight loss secrets suggest that the calorie cycling will regulates these body defenses against our healthy weight loss.

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