Diet Tips – Lose Your Weight With The Big Breakfast Diet

While looking for various tips and methods to reduce our weight, we come across the fact that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Here, we are informing you about the Big breakfast diet for weight reduction. Dr. Daniela Jacubowicz has written this diet plan. As the name suggests this diet focuses on the breakfast of an individual. Let’s know more about this diet plan.

Big breakfast diet- the basics

big breakfast diet Lose Your Weight With The Big Breakfast DietThis diet plan is formulated by keeping in mind that our body processes foods in a different manner at different time periods in a day. Dr.Daniela suggests that a big breakfast helps in boosting the metabolism of our body and we feel less hungry later in the day. So, we should eat a big breakfast before 9 A.M and then we will be able to reduce our weight and avoid heart diseases and diabetes.

In this diet, the breakfast should provide around 600 calories to the body and it should be rich in protein and carbohydrates. Lunch and dinner provide low calories and the total calorie intake comes to not more than 1200 calories each day.

While following this diet plan, you should eat some cookies or chocolate in the breakfast. It is because in the morning our body has less level of serotonin and so we crave less for sweets. This helps in controlling our cravings.

Foods, which can be eaten in big, breakfast diet

Pancakes, pizza, turkey, cheese, fruits, vegetables, ice cream, cake, steaks, candy, bread, chocolate etc.

Which exercises to be done?

While following this diet plan, you do not need to do any exercises. However, you should try to increase the level of physical activities you do daily. This will help in weight loss.

Benefits of the big breakfast diet

A breakfast, which offers enough protein to body, reduces our cravings and hunger for rest of the day.

You do not need to leave the foods you love eating while following this diet routine.

Protein rich diet helps in building muscles.

Disadvantages of the big breakfast diet

People are not asked for controlling the intake of unhealthy foods like pizza, ice creams in this diet plan. Fewer calories are consumed in this diet plan. Therefore, it is not very good for those people who do a lot of physical work.

This diet plan puts a lot of emphasis on the breakfast of an individual. It may surely help people in losing weight but it may also be the case that people lose weight because of low calorie intake and not because of their breakfast; while following this diet plan. This diet is best for those people who are not willing to leave those foods which they relish eating.

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