Diet Plans – Food For Comfort… Food For Thought

fatloss4idiotsThe number one cause of excessive eating is by far, eating for comfort. Whether it be eating because you’re bored or eating because you are depressed, both cause you to use food for comfort. Eating food for comfort is the number one reason people fail at their diet, regardless of how effective that diet is.

There are many things that lead to what is called “binge eating”. In this article I am going to go over some of the things that cause people to relapse in their diet and revert back to their emotional eating habits.

One of the main things that cause people to revert back to binge eating is depriving themselves of food for prolonged periods of time. There is only so much that good old fashioned willpower can do for you, and when it fails you will go right back to binge eating, harder than ever. Depriving yourself of vital nutrients is not only bad for you, but it also contradicts your natural instincts to survive, and that is why it is rigged  for failure from the beginning.

Another way people often wind up failing, is by using methods that allow you to eat whatever you’d like and then make up for it with exercise. The problem with this method is you have to exercise very hard to make up for all of the calories you are consuming, and generally speaking, people who are dieting do not  have the endurance to participate in such exercises without injuring themselves. What usually winds up happening is, the dieter becomes injured or severely fatigued, at which time they revert to binge eating during the healing process. By they time they heal they have already gained back all of the pounds that they just lost.

Yet another method that keeps people from breaking the emotional eating boundaries is what’s called “the blame game”. This is when people blame something for the reason they are overweight. Most of the time they blame their metabolism. The only thing you could possibly blame your weight problem on… is you! You may say “but that’s not true, there are people that are born this way, it’s our genetics”. Yes, you are right, and there are people like that losing LOTS OF WEIGHT and becoming thin every day! I did! So who’s fault is it that you choose to blame your faults for being the way you are? What if Stevie Wonder decided he couldn’t play the piano because he was blind?

he only way to break the boundaries of emotional eating is to throw away the baggage that has kept you doing the things that you are doing. Educate yourself on the subject of dieting, instead of engaging in monkey see monkey do.


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