Diet Tips for Weight Loss – Do The Best Exercise For Weight Loss For Fast Result

Exercising and eating healthy foods goes hand in hand for an effective weight loss journey. However, there is no such thing called a one-size-fit-all exercise for everybody. It is not only dependent to the body type but also with consistency. One factor that an exercise becomes ineffective is when the person loses interest or gets bored with the routine. If you are planning to exercise, here is the list of the best exercises for weight loss.


Aerobics is considered as a best exercise for weight loss, which is popular for women. It targets the hips, bum and legs, which is ideal for toning the body. It is a cardiovascular exercise, which can burn large amounts of calories. Its cost varies as you can do aerobics without spending any amount of money or pay for a membership fee.

Free aerobics include jogging and running which the long-term investment that you need to spend onset of the activity are a pair of running shoes, shirts and shorts. If you find running too challenging for you, you can buy an exercise CD or DVD and follow the instructor in the video. Gym classes are another option where you can enroll Zumba, body combat and other aerobics exercise with the help of an instructor.

Interval Training Exercise

Interval Training Exercise is another option in the list of best exercise for weight loss. It is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise, which also means that low intense aerobics is matched with high intense workouts.

An interval training exercise has several benefits, which include the following:

Strengthens the muscle
Builds endurance
Burns calories and fat in a short period of time
Circuit Training Workouts

One best exercise for weight loss that is getting its popularity is the circuit training workouts. It is the combination of short spurts of exercise and strength training. Typically, it consists of 10 to 12 repetitions of strength training then a short period of rest. For more intensive training, which is called endurance circuit, the rest is replaced with a cardio. When you are doing the exercise, you must remember that each workout focuses only on a certain part of the body. Make sure that you do the workout both for the upper and lower body.

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