Overabundance and Overindulgence

We are so lucky to live in a time and place where food is so abundantly available. It feels good to have enough to eat every day. We really have a lot to be grateful for.

But unfortunately, when we overindulge and that abundance takes residence upon our hips, thighs and belly, it doesn’t feel as good anymore. Or look as good. And it’s certainly not good for our health.

So living in such an abundant world (full of delicious temptation, I might add) while keeping a lean, strong, healthy and beautiful body involves a good dose of discipline – and often a lot of work.


It’s not always easy, though. I admit it. And knowing how to go about it can be so confusing. Honestly, I think there are about as many different strategies and diet pills for a weight loss diet as there are foods to pig out on.

Some of them work, some of them don’t, and some of them are downright harmful for you. But all in all, most experts agree on two basic components of weight loss: eating healthy food and engaging in fitness exercise. That’s a fantastic place for anyone to start!

However, there are a few other absolutely key concepts to keep in mind about successful fast weight loss, whichever healthy strategy you use to accomplish it:

1) Keep your appetite in check

The basic formula for weight loss is: fewer calories in, more calories out. And the only way to consume less calories while still keeping your sanity is to get your appetite under control. It’s simple, really. The less hungry you are, the less likely you’ll be to make poor food choices and the less high-calorie foods you’ll consume. Keeping your blood sugar levels balanced will help keep your appetite in check, as will certain natural substances which turn off hunger signals in the brain.

2) Keep your metabolism running high

Unfortunately, when you cut back on calories too much or too fast, you risk activating your body’s survival mechanism of slowing down your metabolism to save you from starvation. Your metabolism regulates the rate at which you burn up calories for energy. So it’s important to keep that metabolism running on high by losing weight at a more reasonable pace. And to take in substances that support a healthy metabolism. This not only increases calorie burning, but increases the energy you’ll have to become more active.

3) Focus on reducing fat most of all

Some diet strategies and weight loss products, especially those touting super fast weight loss, do nothing more than make you lose water weight. You look at the scale and the numbers have gone down, but has your body composition really changed? No, the fat hasn’t budged. Worse yet, you may have lost muscle mass, which will negatively impact your metabolism. What you want, instead, is a strategy or product that will improve your body’s natural ability to burn fat. That’s what will ultimately lead you to the lean, gorgeous body you’re looking to achieve.

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