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You see treadmills at every local gym, and chances are, you’ve vied for a spot on a treadmill in a crowded gym  at least once in your lifetime.  Treadmills are one of the most popular ways to keep in shape, and also one of the best pieces of athletic equipment to maximize cardiovascular health. 

Below you’ll find DietingMagazine’s picks for the BEST TREADMILLS on the market today.  They are not listed in any particular order, but these specific treadmills have been reviewed very highly for their overall functionality, quality and design.  You’ll find after reading these reviews and comparison ratings, that there are several important things to consider when shopping for treadmills, including other reviews of how they work, their extra features, and how long they last. 

CardioStrength Motorized Treadmill Review

Features, Review and Rating

HP Continuous/Peak: 1.25 to 2.5 HP

Speed: 1 to 6 MPH

Maximum User Weight: 230 lbs.

Warranty: Lifetime Frame, 6 Months Parts, 90 Days Labor


Price at time of print:  $399.95

Consumer Review:

The walking surface is 13″ inches – try running, jogging or walking on that! However if you’d like a

compact treadmill that’ll fit anywhere and is motorized, this is definitely a great buy.  (In other words this

reviewer thinks that the running surface is too small.  If you don’t take long strides or feel you don’t need

that much running space, this is one of the best deals on a compact treadmill.

Leisure Works 539 Foldable Treadmill

Features, Review and Rating

Walking on this is a pleasure, it’s got a very quiet motor- 1.25 Continuous Duty Motor (2.5 HP Peak)

Takes up only 21″ x 24″ of floor space when folded

Operates at speeds from 1.0 to 6.0 mph

Spacious 37″ x 13″ walking surface

Electronics show time, speed, distance, calories, and has a scan function

Price at time of print:  $359.00

Consumer Review:

Nice, quiet operation.  Love that it’s foldable.  Love the price too.  Seems very durable for the reasonable

price.  (Bottom Line : Great price, durability gets high ratings).

Horizon T4 Club Quality Treadmill Review

Features, Review and Rating

Up to a 10% incline, and this machine goes up to 12 MPH

2.25 horse power; this is a commercial grade motor for an excellent walking or running workout

Eight preset program options including two user-defined programs

One touch quick keys for easy change on both speed and incline

Lifetime warranty on frame, 15-year warranty on motor, 1-year warranty on parts and labor

Price at time of print:  $869.00

Product Description:

This club-quality treadmill by Horizon is designed for comfort and functionality. The T4 features a

smooth and quiet motor with 2.25 continuous-duty horsepower. Constructed of a sturdy steel frame, the

T4 also offers six pre-set programs including two user-specific programs, which will allow you to get the

most out of your workouts. An attractive LCD screen displays time worked out, distance, approximation

of calories burned, speed and distance run.

Consumer Review:

One of the best from the best in fitness equipment Horizon – a leader in gym quality equipment.  You

won’t be disappointed in the great ease and comfort of this machine.  Gym quality, nicely made.  Very

well worth the higher price tag.  You’ll love this machine for years to come. 

Walkmill WALK1 Compact and Totally Portable Walking Treadmill Review

Features, Reviews and Rating

Includes Kathy Kaehlers Exclusive Walkmill Programs, Water bottle bracket

Folds together for storage or portability

Variable speed control

Variable powered elevation

Electronic display gives time, speed, calories burned and distance readouts

Price at time of print:  $599.00 Savings of $100

Consumer Review:

It is easy to assemble, and easy to use. Does not take a lot of space.


There are several factors you should consider when shopping online or in-store for a treadmill.  There

are also several brands that make treadmills.  Reebok, ProForm, Horizon, New Balance and others are

some of the top brands on the market today, and they usually can be counted on for quality and

durability.  For the sake of simplicity, I’ll list the most important features you need to consider when

shopping for a treadmill and briefly discuss their importance.

Treadmill Features – What the Best May Have

1.)  Motor – Preferably a 2.5 horsepower or more.  This indicates a long lasting product, and maximum


2.)  Foldable?  Space saver option?

3.)  Displays

4.)  Speed control.  Must be able to control easily, not go up in increments that are hard to control.

5.)  Magazine or book holder for easy reading while you’re walking or running.

6.)  Non-slip belt.

7.)  Must have excellent padding for maximum shock absorption

8.)  Easy control over incline and speed

9.)  Quiet

10.) Extras like statistical data such as calories expended and others

11.) Warranty

12.) Adequate room to walk or run (surface)

13.) A good rule of thumb : Do not be tempted to buy a treadmill that is $200 or under.  Most reviews on

these cheaply priced treadmills are pretty bad reviews due to a lack of craftsmanship and overall quality,

or a difficult operation.

There are so many things to consider when purchasing a treadmill.  A great way to shop for one is to

comparison shop online – which is exactly what you’re doing now!  You can find some great deals online

for treadmills and they are delivered right to your home, no hassles.

High quality treadmills are one of the most treasured pieces of exercise and cardiovascular equipment

you will ever buy.  Don’t go on price alone, because you may be sorry if you get one that does not ride in

comfort or is too loud.  Not only that, some of the cheaper ones feel like they may give way when you’re running on them.                                   

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